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Locate the best prospects. Our virtual energy audit can screen millions of homes
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Streamline engagement. Our consumer portal requires no user configuration and its personalized insights lead to an educated energy efficiency decision in less than one minute
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Focus your efforts. Our appliance-level predictive analytics provide actionable intelligence for DSM program design, implementation, and evaluation

Scalable Home Energy Analytics

EEme, an Analytics-as-a-Service spin-out from Carnegie Mellon University, strives to bring the scalable analytics element to the demand-side management (DSM) industry through deploying its proprietary smart meter analytics that requires no user input or new hardware.

Scalable home energy

We just completed a 3rd party validation using 1-second AMI interval data collected directly at the meter achieving groundbreaking accuracy results. Please download the study and share your thoughts at info@energyefficiency.me.





Research at Carnegie Mellon University translated into home improvement magic at your fingertips. EEme is a proven platform that leverages big data to produce energy efficiency insights.

Focus your response.

State-of-the-art algorithms turn raw smart meter data into appliance-level intelligence.


The consumer solution requires no additional hardware or user configuration. Engage customers with savings potential opportunities, actionable demand-response insights, and customized energy efficiency tips. The user-friendly platform leads households to educated EE decisions in less than one minute.


The implementer solution helps DSM program administrators scan through their customer-base, with respect to predictive metrics of interest, and identify, quantify, and target EE sweet spots.